Streamer tip: as a platform (2019)

July 6, 2019

So, you are interested in streaming? Or watching your favorite streamers? Or considering changing platforms? In this serie of blogs I am writing on four platforms to stream on. Yes, there are more but I decided to pick: Twitch, Dlive, Mixer and Youtube. To kick it off I want to give you my opinion on: “Twitch”. 

To kick it off let me make one thing clear. There is no wrong option in all these channels. Whatever you fancy, pick it! You can’t go wrong. This is just my opinion and views based upon my experiences.


Introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform, Justin TV, and now a part of the massive Amazon franchise. When it comes to streaming, Twitch is the biggest platform. Internet research told me that Twitch had 3.0 million broadcasters monthly and 20 million daily active users, with around a 1.5 million average concurrent users in early 2019. It crossed 30.000+ partnered channels in 2018.

Starting your Twitch career:

Twitch has 3 moments for your streamer career. You kick it off as a regular broadcaster. You have to proof what you are worth to make it next level: affiliate. The abilities to use Twitch with overlays, alerts etcetera are open from day number one. Also manage your panels and channel branding. 

You can’t make money (except donations) from day one. Of course you can use alternative earning models from day number one also. Twitch want to proof them that you are worth it. Before they accept you for the next level of your Twitch broadcastercareer as an Twitch Affiliate you have to first reach these goals:

– At least 8 hours broadcast in the last 30 days

– At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days

– An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days


Seems easy right, trust me: without networking it’s not!


Now the fun begins! Twitch affiliate status gives you a ton of cool options. Lets start off with your ability to add emoticons. You have one emoticon for tier 1 (4.99 a month), one emoticon for tier 2 (9.99 a month) and tier 3 (24.99 a month) also one emoticon can be added by you. 

When viewers want to support they can subscribe to you. You receive about 50% of the tier cost on your account, but won’t receive a payment until you have 100$ on your account. You receive payments 45 days after the last day of the month. 

You can get more “slots” for emotes as an affiliate pushing you towards the last step of your Twitch career: Twitch partner. Each sub gives you points (sub points):

Emote 2 – 15 Sub Points

Emote 3 – 25 Sub Points

Emote 4 – 35 Sub Points

Emote 5 – 50 Sub Points

So keep earning subscribes and grow your emotes step by step! Nice way to measure your growth as a streamer. On the affiliate status you also get the ability to receives cheers. A massive tip: Set it to monthly or weekly top cheers in your dashboardsettings. People like to advertise through it on your channel. Showing off there name as top cheerer and with this option people have the possibility to that every week or month. It’s easy: cheer1 is one “bit” donation and 1 cent is added to your channel. 100 bits = 1$ on your Twitch overview.

Last important item that’s added to your account is the so called chat badges. Subscribes get a “chat badge” for every month they subscribe to you. The first month you get one, you can upload another one for 3 months subscribed, 6 months and the final one is 12 months. People in chat see not just the “subbed” icon but also the amount of months they are supporting you.


The last step in your twitch career is to get the verified status as an official Twitch Partner. For many a dream that wil never be reached, but with recent Twitch updates the Affiliate status is getting more close towards Partner status. To reach partner you need:

– Stream on 12 different days

– Stream for 25 hours

– Average of 75 viewers (excludes hosts, raids, and embeded views)

So that’s a though one. But more slots appear for your tiers to interact more with your audience. As a partner you also get better % of your earnings on the platform.

Why (not) Twitch?

Biggest downside of Twitch is it’s size. So much competition you have to network, join communities, and actively market yourself. Each and every single day. And that is difficult, because 3.000.000 streamers are doing this for there Twitch channels too! Beat that!

This downside is also a big advantage. Yes, that’s possible. As part of Amazon with so much development power the biggest upside is that Twitch is pretty stable, has good support and they develop the platform forward quicker then the competitors can. 

I like that Twitch works with achievements, pushing you forward and onwards towards your new channel achievement. Very good guidance on your channel growth but also teaching you along the way. For example the achievement: “Talk a little” has a comment from Twitch saying: “Chat with your viewers to engage them. Engaged viewers are more likely to return.” That’s 100% true and a wise lesson by the Twitch team. 

The earning models in Twitch are huge, but other platforms are even bigger. Loads of options as a streamer to make money on your channel. Biggest downside: Twitch is expensive. Yes, development, servers, hosting etc is expensive (and I am not saying I don’t want to share) but the share is way higher then other platforms like Dlive! 

Personally I love data. I analyze it a lot because it tells you what to do. As a streamer it’s important to not just focus on “I think XXX” but more “Data tells me XXX” like the best times to stream, what games to play etcetera. So: Data and the dashboard provided by Twitch and it’s partners is extensive and growing. 


Twitch is a great platform for streamers, but not done overnight. You need to strategies, have a long term vision and expect moments of sadness and disappointed over not growing as quickly as you want or have the occasional bad streams. So if you are willing to invest Twitch is great, but you can’t grow with the channel because it’s already the biggest one out there. If you want a platform that’s small and growing you could consider Dlive for example as a good alternative.

Whatever you are going to chose, I hope this helps. And, as always, don’t forget to !RIOT


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