Streamer tip: Streaming is about engagement not views (2019)

July 6, 2019

We all make the same mistakes as streamers. This stream was “trash” is what’s in your head. Or going live when not feeling good enough results in a stream you’re not happy with. But (been there done that) the biggest mistake is feeling disappointed about the amount of viewers in a stream.

I get it, trust me. Dropping 25% average in viewer count between streams isn’t cool. You work hard and growth represents the fact that people are coming back. Love myself some lurkers to get the numbers up. But my statement is that we should not watch the viewers. Viewer counts are awesome and a way to measure growth. But it’s also something you can’t build on.

If you, like me, hope to create a community around you as a person and not the games you play, it’s the biggest challenge out there! Because people come for you! Playing a game that they really don’t like makes it way more difficult to keep them entertained. That’s why I want to make “engagement” the center of attention.

Every stream again, I monitor:

1. How many people where in this stream in total. How much was that compared to my other streams on that day (stick to your schedule!). Those total amount of viewers come from locations, check that. Is it Twitter, Insta, Discord or maybe even Facebook? Work with that and keep tweaking the messages until you see you have max reach.

But next to attracting the people to come and meet you, or stay in touch you want an active community.

2. “Chatters” is for me the most valuable point of data. This screenshot is just an example what we really really really want as streamers. In this 3 hour stream, 37 people stopped by and said something to me. If this grows, your community grows. They start seeing each other over and over again and hopefully connect and even troll you a bit, that’s only a good thing.

3. ” Chats” and “Average view time” getting them to swing by and then try to engage is key. Learn your audience and then play with them. Interact on every level by asking them questions and engage on every detail. If you learn this, you are on the right track: the “average view time” must go up! Because, if you interact people stay longer, so work on that and keep an eye on the average time spend.

4. Request people to help you grow! Marketing is key to “brand” your channels. Ask your community to retweet or like and reward them! Sing, dance, do standup comedy or whatever suits there needs!

They are more then willing to help, but are less likely to do that from themselves. We all follow so many people. Try to trigger them to help you. They will; trust me. So: remind them how important they are to you.

I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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