Streamer tip: set-up StreamElements as your chatbot + dashboard options (2019)

July 6, 2019

A lot of option available for you to further engage your viewers. One of the most important once are “chat bots”. I tried a lot of them, and decided to go for StreamElements. Again: there are other options, but this is my choice. In this article I’ll explain the tool, how it works and what it can do for you. Yes, it’s a long read, but step by step this is going to improve your stream and engagement with your audience.

1. Setting up the bot:

When you come to StreamElements login with your channel. In my example I press Twitch to login. When successfully done you are now on the dashboard. The dashboard is created as a “per month overview” which comes in handy as its the same as Twitch has. The main advantage is that you see who performed last actions on your channel in follows, donations, hosts etc. This way you can re-check after you are done to thank people if needed.

To set it up, on the right side it says: “Bot Settings” click on the connect button. Even if you are lazy and click on the tool sign, still go to your channel and type this in chat: /mod StreamElements. Better safe then sorry. If this goes wrong the bot can’t, for example, share links when you give shoutouts. To test if it works… type !commands in your chat, if StreamElements reply and it has a clickable link in it you have done it! Your chatbot is set-up! To see if it works do this in your chat on Twitch:

Go to your twitch, type !commands in chat. It should give this default feedback. If that’s working, you are successfully connected! If you get *** back you still need to do /mod StreamElements in your chat.

2. Dashboard menu items:

Is StreamElements good for everything? If you want my real opinion: no. StreamElements is a great chat bot. But, my set-up currently is StreamElements is my chatbot, StreamLabs is for alerts and OBS LIVE is my OBS. This is important to understand, because:


They are going to fight each other, give you double alerts and other unprofessional stuff we don’t want. Also: make your choice on your full set-up, because StreamElements can do more then just be a chat bot. If you have more then one bot: please type /unmod botname in chat. Also to be sure, BAN that bot!

– Themes Gallery:

Use all kinds of overlay’s and alert systems in your stream! It’s free to use so, when you are just starting this is an awesome way to make your stream more professional. When you are somewhere further down the line… you might want to make it personalized or somewhat more professional. When you select a themes its added too:

– My Overlay:

In here you can manage your selected themes. Be sure, when using more to name them correctly. For example I used to add the period? Like Q1 2019 for example so you know what is the newest you are working on right now. If you want to test that, you might want to create a test account on Twitch, so you keep it professional.

– Chatstats:

A great place to check every once in a while! What is the engagement with your emotes? And chats dropped in streams? Super important when you are working on your community management.

– Activity Feed:

This is the same overview on your dashboard. But, in this tab you can reset sessions to keep track of each stream and the results coming in from that stream! If you don’t want too, this tap is bigger overview on the activities done over a period of streaming. Don’t forget to mention your top supporters once every time!

– Media Request:

Be careful. This is officially not allowed by Twitch or other platforms as you broadcast stuff that’s copyrighted. But, after that’s being said, almost all streamers do it. You can use it for free, via tip or both. The big downside of this system is that you have to have this open all time. This is stuff you really have to think about. I have community nights and winners pick a song, but I look it up and play it… That way I can “DJ” it a bit and introduce/check before I play. That moderation option is also available in StreamElements. Full video on how to set-up your song request system on StreamElements can be found here.

– Profile Page:

So this is more important then you might think! This is a public profile! So talking about your brand! Exactly, set it up and brand yourself! So here is my example on StreamElements. You see the loyalty system I am talking about later in the article. As you can see socials are connected, but also loyalty system, tipping, subscribe and so much more. Also this page gets ranked in Google! So when somebody is looking into you (might be a sponsor!) be sure that it sparkles!

– Social Media:

At this point I would not recommend this, at all! 1. Only Twitter works and second: auto tweeting won’t help you, it would hurt your marketing chances even. So please, skip this part and never ever use it. Unless they upgrade this part.

– OBS Live:

Last one is called “OBS Live” this is the original OBS with plugins build by the StreamElements team. My current OBS! Why? SLOBS is great, but runs all stuff of StreamLabs in the background which is 10-15% more CPU usage. Waist of CPU in my opinion! When you use it all, it’s different. Also when you rock that dual set-up, but since I do it on one pc I prefer OBS live by StreamElements. But there are of course ups and downs for every system. Try them all, do some test runs on a dummy account and see what fits you best.

In the next articles on StreamElements we go and dive in loyalty settings, stores, revenue and commandmanagement including mod management. In my opinion a big part of community management is “mods” don’t just make random mods, think about it. It’s a key position that people are proud of to reach, so again: be smart! More to come…

I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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