Streamer tip: Loyalty System in StreamElements (2019)

July 6, 2019

Managing your community is not just community management and engagement. I also wanted to measure it (yes, I know I am a data nerd). In my quest on how to do this I encountered a lot of options and different thoughts behind loyalty, thought I share my outcome and thoughts behind it. Because it’s a great option to invest further into community management. Make your viewers and supports gather points and measure your (community) growth!

When you have your chatbot up and running I like to give this piece of advice: “Stick to that bot when selecting your loyalty system.” Why? If you don’t and you have system A for alerts, you have your donations coming in through that too. That’s the problem, the other bot won’t recognize these donations and therefor can’t add points to the person who support you in that. It’s manual labour and yeah, that’s doomed to fail when you fully hyped and buzzing in your streams.

StreamElements Loyalty System Basics:

When you have the chatbot up and running (otherwise check this blog) you login on StreamElements and you see the options showing on the left side.

Here is where we are going to perform our magic together to get the Loyalty System set-up how you want it. We see the different options that I am going to talk about in this guide towards your loyalty system.

Loyalty Settings:

Think this through! Please, don’t just do something here, make it your own. So for me “Keizer” is Dutch for Emperor. That’s why I created my 10th Legion army (real army back in the days of Ceasar). To further engage on that I created Golden Coins as the points people save by just hanging out in my streams. So think as a brand. What is your brand? What do you stand for? How do you call your followers? Subs? So, what currency fits that?

When you thought this through, let’s take a look at the loyalty settings.

These are my settings. You can edit, tweak or whatever you want, but these are calculated due to my free merchandising loyalty program. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to you on that.

So first, make sure you enable the loyalty settings. After that name them how you want and be original.

On the right side you see amount. This is the regular amount that every viewer in your chat gets every 10 minutes. So in my settings all viewers get 120 points each hour, just for hanging out! You want to give all your viewers points because it’s about engagement for your community. Everybody is a part of it! You do want to stimulate and reward your subscribes. I did the multiplier times 5 for the points. So as a subscriber you get 100 points each 10 minutes! A stunning 600 points every hour you are in my chat!

Below are all the options for people supporting you. For example with follows, hosts, raids, subs, donations and cheers! Reward your supporters with a little extra bonus! Again: these are my settings, make them your own or copy it.

If you are going to work with your points with give aways or other stuff, make sure you turn gamble off!

Imagine you give away cool stuff and people gamble it all with chat games like roulette, that might harm you, eliminate any change on escalation in your chat by disabling all the gamble options.


Congratulations, you are now logging your viewers and interactions. You have some options on what to do with it. But when you want to make it public, so people can see and maybe spend the points… I have one golden rule:

Ignore all bots and yourself, it’s about real viewers!

When this is done, you can start working on your plan what to do with the points. It’s important to scan the numbers every once in a while. Because it’s the best way to track your community. Who is active and how? Check this every week, and engage extra with droppers or hyper active point harvesters!

Stream Store:

Yes, I have done it. I connected my merchandising store to my loyalty system. With this option my community (10th Legion) saves up points and get merchandising shipped for free! Happy to return that, but this option / system does cost you money! Lets start with the different options I think you can consider to make a point system interesting for your community.

1. (Personalized) sound alerts:

How fun are scare alerts? Right! Make them products in your store and let them be redeemed by your community. Make sure to keep adding new sound alerts every once in a while to make and keep it interesting.

2. Give away / products:

Add give aways / products like steam cards, or v bucks or whatever you want. Be careful this also cost money. But you can also do fun stuff? How about karaoke a song for your community? Or twerk it? Whatever you think or wanted can be redeemed by your chat. Make it worth saving up to!

3. Merchandising:

Another option is sharing your brand around the globe. If you have a merchandising store it could boost your brand (because they share your merch on socials), chat promotes it all the time and you give back to your community with also these promotional plusses for you. It’s still a solid way to earn in the meantime if it’s balanced!

Add products:

So, whatever suits your channel best (let me know in comments please) you start by adding products. Start by clicking: “create new item” when you add anything but a sound alert select “Stream Perks”. Upload images, title, description. When you saved your products and you opened your store you still need to work on some stuff.

– Make sure you add commands for your store and point system. And inform your moderators to drop them every once in a while. Also make sure you point out the system on raids, new followers and repeat that because new people won’t know it and might really like which is a new reason to stick around your streams!

– Make your redeem of the products as easy as possible. Normally it’s !redeem product title which can be tricky in this example it would be !redeem pullover_for_free nobody is going to type that, so I switched it and you do it like this: !command add !pullover ${redeem pullover_for_free} enter and done. Change the product title behind redeem and you can add all your products or sound alerts and make them as easy as possible to redeem.

The last options are contest and giveaways, be careful with it as the points you might hand out are added to your stores. With contest your can make streams interesting. I do it on Thursday my community night. With every race of marbles the winner gets 500 points added! My community nights are lit because of it! What’s your giveaway? Why not 10.000 points each month or a contest on you winning this BR round? Whatever you pick, calculate if the points can be missed!

If you have any questions or anything you miss? Let me know in the comments. I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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