Streamer tip: Let’s grow, learn about data

July 6, 2019

Data management: super interesting and crucial for channel succes. Why? Move your channel from a position of “I think that” towards “I know that” and that little change in mindset is what’s going to make you grow.

1. Data management is crucial

Take one moment a week (or even a month) to analyze. Not just your VODS, but analyzing your analytics. Twitch is taking steps to further increase the data they serve to you and understanding what you are analyzing is crucial for success. In this case I’ll explain Twitch analytics, but (for example) StreamElements also shares lot’s of data regarding your streams and results.

2. What am I looking at?

No stress. First select a period at the top. I like to analyze my data month over month. So usually I generate my data first. It’s automatically compared to the month before, which is a great start. Month over month grow remains the target we aiming for, right?

– Average viewers: Average amount of viewers over the selected period.

– Live views: The amount of viewers you reached over all the streams you presented.

– New followers: People that followed your channel.

– Subscriptions: Amount of people that subscribed to your channel.

– Revenue: Money made.

This is great, but please check live views, and new followers most. Grow on that, that are community members not “quick growth hacks”.

“Build on a strategy not on quick succes.”

3. Here comes the trick

Under the data is one of the most important buttons on Twitch. “Export data” Click that, thank me later. The data exported is reaching way further the the dashboard!

Yes, this is my actual data. I share this to learn together. I cut some stuff out, to make it fit and readable. I picked my schedule and times based upon data. It’s CRUCIAL that you check the “chatters” those are interacting with you. Awesome to see that “community night” is the most busy night with people and chatters, right? If you want to grow: analyze your data!

Don’t pick random times to go live, do it when the people can engage and interact and build your community on it. As you can see the Sunday is the most silent stream. Makes sense because I just launched the theme, the community needs to settle and see who likes this content. Especially considering it’s different from the rest. So I am going to give it time and keep track of my data.

4. Want to compare to 2018? Sure.

You see my point? Streaming times all over the place. Live at any chance I could. I changed my mindset and started networking and grew with that! My streams are high energy and drain me. To stream I need to be on my A game and deliver. So for me, schedule was crucial. And although this Friday was great, normally I am exhausted and I streamed a game on release. So even with the spike I did not go for the Friday.

This article is going to be a part of a series on data management going deeper and deeper into the core of your data as a streamer. If you have any questions or anything I can help you with, drop a comment below.

I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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