Streamer tip: How to use twitter (2019)

July 6, 2019

Ready to market your channel? Set and gooo! Wait, where do we start? With millions of content creators actively trying to promote themselves, the marketing side of your channel(s) gets more difficult. Next to that you don’t want to only reach a new audience, it’s important to activate your current community too. For each video, each stream over an over again.

In this item I create the perfect post for twitter in 2019. This method can be used for uploading your blog, your new video out on Youtube or whatever. After reading this you will be able to market yourself the best way that you can on Twitter. After that some small tips to further increase the engagement with your audience.

1. Click on create a new message (no shit Sherlock, lol) this screens is your marketing change to reach an audience. 280 characters to reach as many people as you possibly can.

2. Start with a quote or text that makes the audience laugh or get curious in any way you can. In this example I use the word “brand new” so people know it’s a new game. You can also use a line of a game, quotes or something funny that you always do (dancing, singing or whatever). Always add an @ mention with the game in it. So people searching find your name in the list of people talking about this game. This also goes for older games!

3. In the next sentence “invite” people to join your stream! Make them feel welcome from the first time they encounter your name. Very important lesson here is to include the “https://” link because at that point the link becomes a “hyperlink” with instant click on it for people scrolling around. If it’s not a full link the people you reach have to copy and paste it, nobody wants to do that! Missed opportunity to reach your audience. You can best tell by the link that you created turning blue. Make it as easy as possible to find the way to your channel.

4 After that start using hashtags (#). These are digital conversations where everybody who tweets with these hashtags come up in a digital conversations. In this example “#MetroExodus” has 80 tweets in the past hour only (sorry for the Dutch)! So 80 others where interested in this subject. If you reach 5% of that group the first 4 new possible community members are in your stream!

Also tag the “communities” you are involved with, every time your tweet.. I am, for example, member of OTSS Family, my own “10th Legion“, and “Royale Streamers” that you should add as #OTSSFamily#10thLegion#BinxTV and #RoyaleStreamers (want to know more? Click the link to see).

With the community hashtags (#) in place all that is left are the Twitter community conversations. Try adding: #SupportAllStreamers and #WeStreamers are great other examples of twitter communities that you can use without joining anything!

5. The last step is to always add an image! If possible take a screenshot from a previous stream or moment when you where playing. Otherwise take a picture from the internet. This is crucial! Below the image you can add 10 people with a “tag” click on that and make sure you add 10 people who are / have been active in your streams. Try to get them back! That gets you the most viewers, chatters and best out of your go live tweet! The viewers that come back can become a part of your community and chat with other new people. Making them feel like your channel is active and booming! This way a follow comes and you are one step closer to your growth goals.

After you posted your tweet you get interaction in. People quoting with a retweet, liking it or leaving a comment. That is excellent. Make sure, when on a break in the stream, to check your socials and engage with the people on twitter. It helps to reach more and more people.

What else to do on Twitter in 2019:

– The last steps for true good marketing, don’t make it all about you! Make it about your community! Thank subs, raiders, hosts or massive chatters of your community after each stream, this way you promote the people who support you: win-win situation.

– Also on a Friday, pick somebody in your community and use the #FF hashtags. This follow Friday feature is a great way to promote another streamer who is really helping you move forward… Imagine how you would like it when somebody does it for you? Exactly! It’s a great feeling, so make someone feel that way and I can guarantee you that they give that moment of fame back to you at some point!

– Don’t forget to sometimes give a personal insight when you feel comfortable. Like when you are at a concert or you got married, it’s important to share some of your personal details too. Even if that’s just once every month. Don’t do it when you don’t feel good about this, but it helps when you can. Gives your chat a topic of conversation.

– Great quality content is crucial. So download the funniest stuff, or best stuff from your clips during streams or posting videos and tease your community on Twitter with it. The more triggers you give, the more likely it is that they swing by during one of your streams on Twitch.

– Also: retweet others, like and try to engage with people the best way you can. Always from a positive or fun note because with these actions it will help you reach your next goals. Social media is also about engagement, not about sales! Hope this helps, if you have questions you can always contant me!

I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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