Streamer tip: How to stay positive as a streamer! (2019)

July 6, 2019

We all have that moment in time. We are investing heavily in time, money, marketing and more and we see the channel grow. Small steps at the time and we are getting more and more excited about our future as content creators… And then the numbers are not growing or worse you aren’t growing at all anymore.

You feel disappointed, maybe even “low” and we start questioning ourselves: “Am I doing something wrong?” or “am I not good enough?” These question will rattle around in your brain until you’re ready to just give up. You hit that famous wall! I had it, my community members had it, we all had that moment in time. So first of all: you are not alone! Here is what I learned and say to people who come to me with this issue.

Don’t give up. Reassess why you enjoyed streaming in the first place and let me help you. This article contains some key points to help you get over these walls as a streamer and content creator.


Focus on what you started on it the first place. Remember? 2 viewers with 1 being you with a browser open? That’s where we all start. Focus on that moment and where you are right now. Or what you started off in the first place: your love and passion for the content you stream. Doesn’t really matter what you stream, focus on that what makes you smile. Trust me. That smile you provide is what makes the viewers engage and interact and you be on track in no time. Do not…

When you are feeling down. Don’t stream. Just don’t. It wil hurt you more then it wil do good for your stream. Your community sees it and it reflects in your future. Don’t give up. Trust me it’s not worth it. When you take a week or 2 off, that’s fine but keep connecting with your inner circle / community. No matter the size. They are your foundation and future as a streamer. Taking time off to think about future and what to do should include them. So keep connecting on social and discord and ask opinions from the community on future steps! That engagement results in better engagement when you come back.

Don’t be salty. When you are feeling salty go and RIOT in the gym or whatever. Just DON’t go live. Throwing around salt live brings more negativity. Why throw away all your hard work because you are not happy right now?

You worked so hard for this community! The key to regain your growth: eyes on the ball! Take the basics which you grew on.

TIP: Check your VOD’s

Look at your content! Are you happy with it? Would you watch this? What can you improve? Take notes and learn by watching… yourself. A bit weird I agree with that, but much needed if you are looking to grow. So go over your content, learn from what you did really good and most of all look on ways to improve. While you are working on that, clip the funniest parts. Marketing is still key to grow your audience too! So while learning, market yourself!

TIP: The Inner Circle

As mentioned in a previous article: Streaming is about engagement not viewers. I 100% stand by that. I don’t even have my viewer numbers on when streaming! You shouldn’t care about viewers. You should build every single day on your “inner circle”. The basic foundation of your community. The loyal viewers, the people who give you feedback positive and negative, those are the people you need. With a growing inner circle you are building your own community. With that community people will feel more involved and jump on your channel more often. That’s the spread you need. So focus on engagement, focus on chat. Even if it’s just one, that first one is the first step to grow to two! And then you already doubled!

TIP: It’s not just about you!

Again, and I really stress the importance of this… When you are feeling down. DON’T STREAM. Just don’t. Take some time off and get your head in a better place. The more you stream in this negative state, the more likely your supporters will recognize your frustration. This might cause them to have a different impression of your attitude and could discourage them from supporting you further. It might also make them feel like their support doesn’t matter.

In stead, support your supporters. Go out and network! Meet new people, don’t self advertise, but do the same as you want done on your channel: Engage! Some check you out too and that’s a win-win situation. That’s the same for people coming in your stream, while engaging it’s fine to promote them too, your community won’t leave you, but the new person in chat quickly feels a supportive community and hopefully he/she stays! Another step made.

TIP: Schedule!

The worst advice on Twitch I have seen is that you need to be there every single day. Bullshit. In fact, I flip it around. When you are a streamer a key item is your schedule. Don’t be there every single day, mix up support nights with streaming so you can also give back and network. That’s the key to growth. Also your inner circle and later community know when to expect you and hopefully is there on your go live boosting the numbers from start and maybe even promote you on socials! Free marketing! Trust me: we all been there. We all got hit by this famous wall in someway. Just look back at when you started and where you are right now. Focus on improving and growth.

I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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