Streamer tip: as a platform (2019)

July 6, 2019

So, you are interested in streaming? Or watching your favourite streamers? Or considering changing platforms? In this series of blogs I am writing about four platforms to stream on. Yes, there are more but I decided to pick: Twitch, Dlive, Mixer and Youtube. The second platform is “Dlive”

Let me make one thing clear. There is no wrong option in all these channels. Whatever you fancy, pick it! You can’t go wrong. This is just my opinion and views based upon my experiences.  


Introduced late 2017 DLive is the largest live streaming platform on the blockchain. That’s right. The currency used on this platform is in crypto called: LINO. That crypto can later be turned back to cash if you want. The opinion on cryptocurrency is spread, but it’s a part of the future that’s a fact. In what shape or form is slowly becoming more clear to everybody. 

The data in terms of users, viewers etc is not so transparant… yet. There is a video showing that there are over a million users on the platform late 2018. So in terms of platforms we are checking this is the smallest. That’s not “a bad thing” because as a broadcaster there is no better time to hop on then right at that sweet spot of massive take-off! And that might be what DLive can offer you.

Starting your DLive career:

DLive has 3 stages for your streamer career. You kick it off as a “non partner”. You have to prove your worth to make it next level: “Verified Partner”. The basis of this platform is for now a bit more limited as a platform. But it’s young and developers are actively working on it. 

You can make money from day one! Well money, crypto! But that’s money at the end so tomato, tomata… right? Of course you can use alternative earning models from day number one also(although they are more limited too). To reach the next step as a streamer on DLive you have to:

– Reach 200 Followers

– Lock 2.000 Lino (What, Lino? I’ll get back to you on this later)

To be honest, this is more easy to reach then the affiliate goals on Twitch. Because the community is smaller, streamers help each other more easily. Also if you switch you will learn that your community supports you with at least follows on DLive too. My example on this is “B0rn_A55assin” who did just two streams on the platform and is now already on 59 followers (12-03-2019) Switching with a reputation on another platform is an option! 

Verified Partner:

If you reach the next lever your verified partner status is there. The benefits are:

– Subscription

– Verified partner badge

– Host other streamers

– Prioritized transcoding service

– Add stickers (up to 20)

It’s weird to me to not be able to host from day number one, I don’t get that strategy to be honest. I do love it that this step is smaller so as a starter or a smaller streamer goals are easier to reach. The transcoding service isn’t weird. Twitch does the same so that’s the same horror on this platform. It’s the fact that people can’t lower quality of the stream when viewing on there devices. So streaming in full HD might cause mobile viewers to lag out! Stream on 720 always when this is not working in full for you, if you don’t you wil lose viewers.

Global Partner:

The last step in your DLive career is to reach Global Partner. It’s blurred when you start streaming but I’ll spoil it for you:

– Must have more than 1000 followers.

– Must stream on 12 separate calendar days totaling 35 hours a month.

– Must have 100,000 LINO Points gifted to them in the last calendar month.

– Must have a minimum of 50,000 Locked LINO Points.

This is more of a challenge, but most are pretty good to reach. With the growth of this platform I can promise you that this is going to be made more difficult in the future. So hop on that train if you are in for a ride! 

With the Global Partner status you receive:

– Special Global Partner badge.

– Once you have reached Global Partner status you get 10 Ninjaghini’s as a welcome bonus.

– As another welcome perk, you will receive a $100 gift card to the DLive merch store

– Live stream transcoding (quality switch options).

– 30% Extra Content Bonus paid for by DLive

– Decreased LINO payment processing times

– Add stickers (up to 20)

Why (not) DLive?

Crypto is “scary” to some people. Content Creators are further advanced then the regular viewers and then donating lemons etc can be a bit scary to new people. Also crypto is worth something different almost evert second. So with that fluctuations hurt or benefit your wallet every day. That’s a plus and a negative.

Biggest downside of DLive is it’s size. It’s not famous, it’s not massive, it’s mostly… new. So people come and go, but this downside is also a big advantage. Yes, that’s possible. Development is going quickly, but hopefully remain stable as it increases numbers more and more. It’s more “agile” Development and they are more concerned about then any of the competitors out there. And in a content creator community managing that is tricky and done wrong by most, DLive is a nice example on how it should be done.

One of my biggest concerns is the lack of a proper data overview. This is tricky to build and could slow down the progress of the platform. As mentioned before I am a big data fanboy and the lack of it is a big miss in my opinion. Sure, new updates will push it at some point… But let’s be honest that is a downside to it.

Another thing I miss is the emote option (stickers ain’t cutting it for me). I love making and building my brand and one of the items truly helping with that is viewers spamming your emotes around. If viewers start that together as a raffle, well then my life as a streamer is good.

The biggest USP for this platform? Earning money. In a LOT of different and unique ways! Hold on to your horses, this wil be a bumpy ride but let’s me explain in detail. 

1. “DLive has, and will always have zero cuts.”

As mentioned before. Twitch takes up to 50% of the money you make as a content creator! This is the way that DLive works. So that means more money back to the community, better quality streamers and that’s a big plus. It’s still a company, so they must make money. My concern then is the development of this platform? Might be slower due to less investment powers? But… Keep your money making machine happy is always the best way to run a business right? 

2. LINO Points

On top of what you have earned from gifts and subscriptions, you will receive a content bonus 7 days after your stream is completed. The bonus is based on the number and reputation of people who have donated to your stream, as well as how your stream ranks for overall contributions in comparison to other streams in the same period of time. Based on current data, 80% of all streamers earn a content bonus that is more than 50% of their gifting earnings.

Oh and before I forget: these points are ADDED for free to your ACTIVE chatters! So no more lurk constructions, get chatters, get paid! I like that as a big advantage too! But, I am worried about spammers for lino points. Grinding it out, but still this is a smart way of thinking and looking at content creators as a business. 

3 Also:

If you lock your platform currency, LINO Points, you will be able to participate in guiding the direction of the platform such as product development and governance decisions, receive rewards for participation and unlock premium services on DLive.For instance, users who lock their LINO Points will be able to participate in daily questionnaires and vote on decisions relating to the network and receive rewards for their participation (paid out of the 9.9% of all daily gifts and paid subscriptions).


Difficult one. I like the thought behind it. Mostly on the active chatters get rewarded function. I do fear the smallness of the company and it’s investing powers against Microsoft (Mixer), Amazon (Twitch) and Google (Youtube). Good ideas can be stolen just look at Youtube gaming which is like a copy paste from Twitch. So what happens when Amazon introduces a digital coins system too like this? But, I have to admit, they are off to a very good start! I am going to keep an eye out to see this ongoing battle on the platforms which only benefits us as content creators because it pushes platforms to go to the next level.

Also the homepage is now based upon viewers then going down the line with less viewers each time. That wil be a problem with the expansion. Wondering how that is going to go down. Because the benefits now, when increasing numbers, will be a downside soon. If not 250 people are live at the same time but 25.000 you as a starting streamer are again at the bottom of the page. Looking forward to the developers fixing something nice for that in the future!

Whatever you are going to chose, I hope this helps. And, as always, don’t forget to !RIOT


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