Streamer tip: Checklist before go live

July 6, 2019

You’re super excited because you’re going to stream again! Of course we are going to try and make sure this is your best stream yet. We want to grow every time, right? So here is a checklist to make sure you have done all the marketing options and community management before you go live. Because going live is not just hitting the live button.

1: Fix your channel set-up:

– Make sure your title is click bait material. Tease the people to stop and meet you. Viewers coming in from category navigation are pretty huge. So make sure that your channel stands out.

– Set your notification message up right! People on twitch see a notification. You worked your ass off to reach new followers, so use them to get the viewers and interaction up. Go live notifications are crucial for your success.

– Set the category up right. Don’t forget to edit this (best by mods) when switching while playing.

– Tags! So many channels are live without the tags, while the tags are used by Twitch to see how relevant a stream is to present to other channels! You want to be found and viewed right? Tell Twitch in as much detail as possible what to expect!

2: Discord!

No shit Sherlock! I know this is something most people know, but best to repeat. Check your streamer mode status on go live. Not having it enabled is really going to hurt your numbers a lot. So check your purple status to make sure streamer mode is working to reach as many viewers as possible. Also, in the communities without a “now live” feature on your account drop your link with a promotional text in the “now live” channels that are open for promotion.

3. Work your marketing!

– With millions of broadcasters live, how are they going to find your stream? Right: market yourself. On go live, make sure you tweet your now live status. This should focus on reaching the inner circle of your community. When you are growing bigger, you can expand that a bit further. But when under 10 viewers always tag your top chatters. The more engagement, the better!

– Make sure to have a “I am now live” with link in your Instagram stories. If you don’t use Instagram yet, start using it today. It’s where your audience is. Same for Facebook. Yes, the growth is slowing, but it’s still one of the largest social platforms out there! Be there where your audience is. I connected my Instagram to my Facebook so I focus on Instagram, but when needed I can use my Facebook too!

4. Engage your community!

Then you have the going live screen.. A boring element of a stream. So engage on it! Drop your tweet or your Insta post and ask to be shared, loved & commented. The more the community engage the more people you reach the quicker you grow. So: engage! Try and make them help you promote yourself. If social is not about sales, but engagement, make sure that your community is engaging on your posts.

I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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