Streamer tip: chat rules and moderation

July 6, 2019

As a streamer some tips and tricks are learned the hard way. In this article we take a deeper look on chat rules, mods and moderation because this needs to be set-up properly and well thought out as it might get you into trouble later on.

1. Chat rules:

With the latest update on Twitch chat rules pop up way more clear for your viewers. They need to accept them before they can start typing in your chat. This is really important: they accept it before they can start engaging. So first we need to set-up the chat rules before we can follow the rules to keep chat in line. You can do this through this link (but change your username)

My guideliness:

-Allow all links to be dropped!

Rather ban a troll or self promoter then missing out on my community dropped clips or other stuff that helps me as a streamer.

Example on another streamers chat.

Chat Rules:

  1. Hang out, chill, and have fun
  2. Have an issue with someone? Keep it off chat
  3. Do not harass anyone
  4. Do not spam unnecessarily
  5. Do not use the chat to show disrespect to other streamers and /or viewers etc.
  6. Do not promote yourself without the streamer approving

Think about this because these are the guidelines you can use to perform a timeout or ban on anyone not complying. So the rules section is the backing of moderation of your channel.

2. Mods:

Highly underrated by most streamers I see is the mod section of a community. Don’t add mods live on stream. Don’t just pick a good friend. Pick people you trust. Pick people who are not afraid to act on your behalf. Talk to your mod team and engage on what you want with your channel and how you want to be guided during your live streams.

Give it some time to grow. I see mods as a crucial element of my streams. They randomly drop discord links, socials links or engage with my chat when needed. But they also help me on, for example, shoutouts! When a community members enters my stream I always give a shoutout. But I can’t do that myself I am busy streaming. Again a reason why mods are crucial: “Can you give streamer X a shoutout please” and couple of seconds later a mod drops it.

Make sure you don’t have a mod only chat. For every 10 active chatters you need 1 mod. Other important members can be VIP because you need people to push and stimulate chat too without it all being mods only in chat. Trust is crucial consider that in your mod and approach. Also be sure to talk to them every now and then and never forget to give them the credits they deserve. Mods are the lifeline and backbone of your streams and can’t get enough credit! (here’s to my awesome team: Nomezilla, FOXsakeShirl, Zedisking, AndreiBode04 and PugXgamerz)

3. Moderation:

With the rules set-up however you want it: stick to the rules. Don’t turn on it because chat needs to be guided to make your rules very clear. And be very clear. Timing out a troll is not going to help. Swing the ban hammer if needed. To much salt in chat gets to you, hurts the fun for viewers and that’s the last thing we would ever want. So when it comes to rules be clear.

Just an example of a ban

I had a couple of trolls coming in chat and I am very clear on it. Especially when it was a “troll army”. No timeout mods, ban them all. And so it was done, I could focus on my stream and performance, mods had my back. It didn’t hurt me at all. It did back in the days when this wasn’t at all functioning as I wanted it to.

Follow these steps, create that baseline for your streams and benefit. Don’t wait until you make it as a bigger Twitch streamer. Remember this is how I do it, and how I look at it. Find your own path, what makes you feel most comfortable? Do that, act on that and make it your own but again: Stick to the plan.

I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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