Streamer tip: Alternative earnings (2019)

July 6, 2019

So, you have your channel running and you want to make a bit of cash. Nothing wrong with that! Gaming is expensive! Constantly upgrading, new games, new gear? You are going to need cash. In this blog I want to inform you on some interesting additional earning models for streamers. I am fully transparant on my numbers too!

1. Loots:

I just integrated Loots on my channel. Loots is a form of banner promotions live on your stream. It’s super easy to set-up and they do all the work! Add new companies with banners and much more. You add a browser source to your (SL)OBS and with that you are done. Well, you are almost done. My advice is to make sure you add it to your timed messages in your chatbot and maybe even as a panel on your channel.

Why? Loots is free for your viewers. As a viewer in your channel they can go to a link (like mine for example) and they can add a message and drop a “loot” for free! At that point the banner (loot) shows on your stream (through a webbrowser layer) with the commercial of a company in it. Ending with the message of your supporter.

You can find Loots here and use my special invite code: YZO7P55R. With this code you are in. It’s super easy to set up and add to your channel.

Try it and tell me what you think!

2. Sponsors:

No shit Sherlock. I know, I know… This is super random, but you know what… it works! But again it’s all about the communication. I now focus on a couple of companies. You gotta focus on repeating your messages regarding sponsors on your socials, but also in timed messages in your channel and on your panels. This is (for me) more then just making extra cash! It’s also adding some “weight” to your brand. “Wow, this dude has a lot of sponsors, must be good quality!” Some companies that love supporting are Greenman Gaming and XP Boost (You can join today) but many more, just google it.

3. Merch:

Please don’t start on me with “I am too small for merch”.. I hate it when people use that as an excuse. That’s not for you to decide. As a streamer you slowly see people coming back and support you more and more. Imagine they want to wear something or drink from a mug you designed? That is awesome right. So please don’t make yourself smaller, you are marketing yourself! So… Of course they want your merch! Go sell! If you are on SLOBS you can integrate with that merch option. I picked “Design By Humans” as my Merch partner.

For each purchase a small amount is earned by you as a streamer. But, for me, I am more proud that people where my Merch and promoting me! Spreading that brand around the globe. I have one tip: I see people uploading there logo. Check my store, and please learn from it. I ain’t saying that I know it all, but my fulltime job is (digital) marketing. I work on branding and marketing each and every day… Don’t make it all about yourself make it about community and unique elements of your channel. For me, for example, !RIOT is my best sold item by far. My viewers love my !RIOTS and they wear it. Need proof?

My merch by @KingMullacPro in Scotland!

My merch by @SwitchSaber in the USA!

My merch by @BonnieRose in the USA!

My Merch by @TheGamersHotspot in Sweden!

But we also reached the Netherlands and more! Super proud! I also added this as a loyalty program in my channel. I’ll post a blog on community management very soon too.

4. Afilliate Marketing:

Viewers that are a real part of your community might like you to play other games. They might even want to buy it for you! Try affiliate, or creating special shopping wish lists on (for example) Amazon and add that to your stream, panels or even as custom overlays on your channel. Not buying it yourself is a way of earning some extra money to. No need to spend, is saving, right?

5. Patreon

Lot’s of different options for you there. But one thing is clear, they share more revenue with you as a content creator (compared to Twitch). I created my Patreon a long time ago. Patreon is a form of blogging and updating your community with “open” and “closed” posts. Open is for everybody, but you can also update your community of Patreons first, before sharing it worldwide. Making it a bit more special to support you that way. This is the same names as Twitch! “Tiers” the difference is the tier slots are created by you as a s content creator. It’s free to set-up but you do share some % of each supporter.

You can of course also start doing e-sports and win tournaments! Or become partnered as you can keep unlocking more cash making opportunities. I know there are a lot of other companies and programs, but these are my 4 tips to make additional income available for you as a streamer.

I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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