Streamer tip: 5 offline Twitch channel tips

July 6, 2019

When actively branding and marketing your channel you should consider the fact you are OFFLINE more than you are ONLINE. So how do you market your channel when you are offline? In this article I’ll give you 5 tips to help you grow your channel & brand without streaming.

1. Work on your videos options

Make sure your broadcasts are saved and disable “sub only,” please. The more people who can watch your past broadcasts, the better! So you’ll want to enable the ability to save your broadcasts on the channel.

Head over to your dashboard settings here: and enable “Store Past Broadcasts” as shown in the screenshot below.

When this is done, you will want to work on your “Videos” section within your Twitch page. Why? This is the place people go to check you out, so make sure it’s the best of the best from the content that you offer.

So what you want to do is go to this link: Consider this to be your digital wall of fame! I made it so that the first thing you see are my clips. Why? Well my broadcasts start with an intro, some content is probably muted due to some of the music I play, and it’s also a bit slower compared to watching a quick clip. It gives the channel’s funniest and most stand-out moments as an overview. Next to that I created my community night broadcasts as those are the best viewed videos and it ends with recent highlights and uploads (if available). At the end is where I like to place my “Recent Broadcasts”/”All Videos”.

This way you cover all the basics and give people who first meet you or community members coming to share clips or anything with the easiest way to navigate your content. If you don’t want to search or watch content for hours and hours while you can’t engage, your audience probably doesn’t want to do that either. So take the time to make it how you would like it to create a win-win situation for as many people as possible!

2. Panel management

Don’t take panel management lightly! It is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, in my opinion. Not only would people rather engage (and what better way then asking questions based upon information you provide?!) but a lot of viewers tend to be a bit lazy. So cater to that and make it as easy as possible for them to learn about you as a person and broadcaster, but also to inform viewers about your set up, your stream schedule, to answer frequently asked questions and even provide links to your merch store, discord and socials.

I put in a lot of time into the placement, look, and feel of my panels. It’s super important because when people visit my streams offline, it tells them more about me and why they should follow the channel. On top of that, when I am broadcasting they can read about me and catch up on stuff that i’ve shared. Of course, you should only share information that you are comfortable with sharing.

Editing your panels is very easy. Scroll down on your channels page and hit edit, and lets’ go!

Also when you want to add a hyperlink in the editor, here is an example of how you can do that: – Check out my [Website](

3. Highlights of your channel:

This is a good example from Grimmmz, a professional broadcaster and Twitch Partner.

This update was launched on Twitch early in 2019. When you aren’t online you get this pop-up giving viewers the option to see what you are playing.

Make this moment count! This viewer is here for a first impression so it’s better stand out and show the best of what you’ve got! My suggestion is to highlight one moment each month and share that through your highlights. This way visitors get the best moments with just one click!

4. Social media marketing

Promoting your community doesn’t stop when you aren’t live! Brand it and keep on branding! As you can read in this article about community management, you can see that it’s all about the community and not just you. So give shoutouts, thank loyal viewers and share the funniest clips and moments from your stream. Branding never stops! Engage with them and sometimes lure them to your channel if you have done tips 1,2 & 3 of course!


Show a part of your life! It’s important to share. It doesn’t have to be super personal (Share what you feel most comfortable sharing) but do share as much as you can. Share moments in your life like when you are eating or drinking, having a barbecue, enjoying a good party or going to an event. Share your life, as you are the broadcaster, people are there mostly for you! I would advise that you do this in discord as that is your personal community! They get to see more than just what you share on social media and that can be another benefit for people to join your community on discord!

5. Offline Twitch screen

Take advantage of the Offline screen to show off your brand! Keep it in line with everything else to best show the visitor who you are and what to expect. Do not hesitate to include your most used social channels as well!

For me that’s Instagram and Twitter. Why didn’t I include Discord?

The link is simply too difficult to share this way and most users would rather prefer to click an invite link than type in the link itself to join a Discord server. On top of that, the requirement to add a specific number at the end of your discord username (example: JohnSmith#1234) when searching makes adding you as a friend too slow compared to a simple follow on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter. Therefore, it’s probably best to make this as easy as possible so your visitors have the option to find you on your social media channels.

I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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