My first year streaming: 2018!

July 6, 2019

Time flies by when you are having fun. 2018 my first year as a Twitch streamer. What happend? What did we do? What did we encounter and more importantly: I’ll share some more intel and stats. We are all learning, we all have ambitions so let’s do this together.


I have invested in some updates on my set-up. Some are shared before. I bought the Streamdeck from Elgato check out the blog here. Next to that I shared information on my new monitors: Samsung 32″ QLED! Check out that blog here. Last but not least, I have switched from Playstation only to PC gaming too. Check out my gaming PC right here.


When people ask me: I want to grow what are your tips? Social Media is one of the most important elements of your marketing. Don’t say: I don’t like it.. Because if you want to make it as a streamer (millions want it) you need to stand out, you need to be found by your new viewers in order to make your community grow.

It’s not about you, it’s about reaching the people who hopefully like your content and promote you with retweets and shares. Or even better, people giving you shoutouts. Don’t ask for it, deserve it with awesome content or you being supportive! How awesome are support tweets like this from “ZedisKing”! I have grown to 400 followers on Instagram and over 750 followers on Twitter.


Focus on growing your community in average viewers and followers. Don’t focus on the money. A growing community is a happy community. Support them any way you can, give fellow streamers support with shoutouts and help them. They return that favor! I try to do this every day in the best way I can. Here are my results over 2018

KeizerGaming stats:

Some stuff is easy to explain. I had an operation this year that cost me almost 6 weeks to recover, streaming only twice that month. I also got married including a two weeks honeymoon in September. You see the drop there? I started with my schedule in July 2018. You see what it does for the numbers? Consider that and take time to support. So don’t stream every second of free time! Support others, read up, look at new games, analyze your data and keep on growing.

I am not really a “goals” kind of person… But, my next target is an average of 20 viewers a month. And as you can see we all have good streams and streams that don’t get the numbers you aim for. Keep your head up! Have faith and be happy with who is there! Talk to them, entertain them and make them part of your next levels. Ask yourself: how can I become better today?

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