10th Legion Legate: ZedIsKing

July 6, 2019

My community is crucial. I wish I could help all of them, but I can’t. My time is also limited. The good news is: you can help! That’s right, you the reader of this post. Many smaller streamers deserve so much more attention than they are getting. Let’s dive in the 10th Legion Legate: “ZedIsKing” a crucial part of our community.

I decided to give 3 reasons why I think you should check out this specific 10th Legion Legate.

1. ZedIsKing creates unique content:

Zed sits on his thrown rocking his crown. As King he watches over his loyal subjects: the viewers. That’s awesome! I like the fact he extends his theme like that.

He plays a lot of different games but mostly with guns.

2. ZedIsKing is a big nerd:

That’s right. Zed is King of Discord! His day job is ICT and he uses that knowledge to help 10th Legion but also to help fellow streamers to grow and better understand what it is they are doing and why.

3. Thrives on engagement:

In my opinion Zed is great on interaction. Always gets you laughing or engaged on chat. You don’t believe me? Go on to his channel and engage with him and prove me wrong (or right?)! This way you really get to know the man behind the streams. That moves the content creator in a vulnerable position, but exactly that is what makes him great. You see his partner “Keringle” and meet the kids, because you are the Kings family and he is your family.

Check out his channels and follow him:






This is the first highlighted 10th Legion soldier that my shout outs on social media are now based upon I hope this helps you, like it helps me. Oh and never forget to !RIOT


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